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Hello! I'm Brent Boswell

When I was a teenager, I tried to lose weight the typical way, by starving myself and running for miles every week. My malnutrition started to show when I couldn’t focus in class, I was shaky, and couldn’t function without caffeine. Eventually, I was diagnosed with ADHD and depression.  I was prescribed Prozac and Ritalin by my doctors, but that’s all that was done. 

I began to struggle with horrible rashes, and my dermatologist prescribed me Prednisone to get rid of them. It worked temporarily but before long it was back and continued coming back. I had an autoimmune disease, and my doctors were treating the symptoms, not the cause. 

When I started college I fell into a different kind of vicious dieting cycle of bulking up through food and then using exercise to lean back out. Which caused even more damage to my body. 

My stepdad, a chiropractor, discovered nutritional therapy and shared what he learned with me. I was hooked, I couldn’t get enough information on it. It was then that I realized all the issues I had been facing were because of what I was eating, not just how much.

At last, I had answers for this whole big mess I was going through.

Ever since that revelation, for me, eating properly is not an option. It’s a necessity. I’m sure my clients secretly think I eat McDonalds in the closet, but besides my professional integrity holding me accountable, my body simply won’t allow me to eat poorly. I have tailored nutrition and supplemental regimen that works for me, and I stick to it. By using nutritional therapy on myself I’ve stabilized my weight, my mood, and eliminated my need for medication to control my skin condition. 

I’ve been through many of the issues I hear from my clients. I know it can be tough. It took me a long time to get to this wonderful place. I have taken it upon myself to devote myself, and my career to making their journey to health through nutrition significantly easier, and shorter for my clients than it was for me.

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